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Non-Stick Lifter (Bone Folder)

Non-Stick Lifter (Bone Folder)

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This is a perfect tool for damage free lifting of delicate papers. The narrow end is flexible and easily bends to get into the narrowest spots. The tool has an ivory finish and fits perfectly in your hand. It was "a hit" at the 100th anniversary of the Guild of Bookworkers in New York City. One of our customers made a comment that this tool is addictive, "as soon as you get it in your hand you don't wont to let it go".

Key Benefits

  • Size: 7" x 1" x 5/8"
  • Custom made
  • Non-stick, will not leave a burnishing mark.
  • Heat Resistant up to 600 º F
  • Chemically Inert, non-corrosive, and non-contaminating.
  • Strong
  • Reusable
Our bone folders are made of a specially engineered non-stick material which offers a number of benefits over bone and regular plastic. Customers tell us that one of the biggest benefits of our bone folder is the non-stick properties, which means that adhesives, inks and paints will not stick to it. If you use a traditional bone folder today, you know its tendency to get worn down, discolored, and stained with age; this leads to messy clean up or worse, contamination of your next project. This is not the case with our bone folder; it will only get smoother and shinier with age while making clean up a snap. In fact, our biggest problem is that our bone folders last so long, once you buy one you will not need another one.

Some of the most common uses we have seen or heard about include:

- pressing down folds,
- burnishing
- sticking layers
- folding, creasing, & scoring paper & fabric
- card making
- handmade books
- book repair & conservation
- origami
- ribbon curling
- paper quilling (paper filigree)
- burnishing transfers
- tailoring
- stained glass art
- dimensional paint techniques
- gift wrapping
- removing pieces from molds
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