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Non-Stick Coated Jewerly Tweezer 4 Set
Non-Stick Coated Jewerly Tweezer 4 Set

Our Price: $26.99

Product Code: T-TWZRJ4SET-



This set comes with 4 great tweezer types:

  • Fine Tip: provides accuracy in probing, holding, and arranging of small objects.

  • Wide Tip: great for picking up flat objects, and larger materials for better positioning. Ribbed grip.

  • Bent Tip: The bent tip provides a better view of your work and at the same time great maneuvering and positioning of small objects.

  • Reverse Tip: A delicate reverse spring action to grasp tiny objects when finger pressure is released. Comfortable control of small materials without dependence on finger pressure.
Each tweezer is Non-Stick coated! No more sticky clean up mess. Makes cleaning easy.