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If our standard offerings do not fit your needs we will work with you to develop the proper application that applies to you.

Leveraging the manufacturing facilities and experience of our company we work with our customers to create custom Non-Stick bookbinding tools. Lets face it, as a bookbinder some times you wish your fingers were Non-Stick coated to prevent glue from sticking to them. While we can not coat your fingers, we can coat just about everything else.

Here are some samples of the work we've done with spatulas, blades, and light bulbs. After we coated them with PTFE they are chemically inert and non-stick, just like the frying pan in your kitchen.

Shatterproof light bulbs

Some of our best new products come from our close collaboration with customers just like yourself!

Call us or send us email with your needs and we are pretty sure we can help you.

Key Benefits
  • We have over 25 years of experience in developing custom non stick applications in many industrial fields.
  • We can leverage our existing manufacturing facilities to customize an application for any client's needs.
  • We listen to our customers and are constantly innovating, so check back often for new products!