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Tweezers with Magnifier Glass
Our Price: $8.00

The three-power magnifying glass provides insight into small areas, maneuvering with small objects, and tons of other uses you can think of.  This magnifying glass combined with needle tipped tweezers makes this one of the most indispensable tools in your toolbox.
Non-Stick Coated Tweezer 4 Set
Our Price: $26.99

Includes:  Fine, Wide, Bent, and Reverse Tip Tweezers.
Electrically Insulated 10" Tweezers
Our Price: $18.00

Size: 10"
Color can be customized per customer request.
Soldering Tweezers
Our Price: $18.00

The grip plates are coated with ESD black coating, this adds an extra measure of safety by preventing any electrical shock that may occur.  The long, tapered, non-serrated blunt jaws are also coated with PTFE, and ideal for soldering operations or for holding parts.
PTFE Coated Bent Tip Tweezers
Our Price: $9.99

6" Bent Tip Tweezers.
Non-Stick Coated Serrated Straight Tweezers
Our Price: $9.99

Non-Stick 5" Serrated Straight Tweezers
Non-Stick Coated Jewerly Tweezer 4 Set
Our Price: $26.99

This set comes with 4 great tweezer types:

  • Fine Tip: provides accuracy in probing, holding, and arranging of small objects.

  • Wide Tip: great for picking up flat objects, and larger materials for better positioning. Ribbed grip.

  • Bent Tip: The bent tip provides a better view of your work and at the same time great maneuvering and positioning of small objects.

  • Reverse Tip: A delicate reverse spring action to grasp tiny objects when finger pressure is released. Comfortable control of small materials without dependence on finger pressure.
Each tweezer is Non-Stick coated! No more sticky clean up mess. Makes cleaning easy.